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School may teach book lessons, but there are many life lessons that can only be taught through the lens of those who have previously experienced them.

Our Mentorship Program will consist of Group Sessions followed up with 1 on 1 sessions to reinforce the lesson. 

Some of the lessons are: Goal Setting, Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Peer Pressure and Stress Management, Engaging on Social Media, and Life Skill education such as grooming/hygiene, domestic cooking & cleaning skills, and importance of time management.  


With the strain on household finances, there is a need to provide educational support to those who are unable to pay for school lunches and school supplies. Also, with many students studying virtually, there is a need to provide tutoring services, technology assistance, and teacher liaison support to help parents with their child's learning needs.  

Image by Tran Mau Tri Tam


As youth reach the age to seek employment, it is important they are versed in the steps it takes to prepare to get a job, such as, resume building, completing the application, and interviewing skills.  It is also important to learn the appropriate workplace behavior including how to interact with co-workers and bosses.  

Image by Giorgio Trovato


The course on Managing Finances provides education on financial literacy to help youth learn how to earn, open a bank account, budget, spend vs. save, invest, credit cards and the importance of maintaining sound credit, and the fundamentals of paying taxes.  



Our youth will learn the meaning of "giving back" to their community for a purpose greater than themselves.  We will partner with other non-profit organizations with the same mission.  We will give back to communities that are in low-impoverished areas.  Some our volunteer services will include: Community events that are educational, culturally-based, and special events that foster giving and relationship building.  Other events may include supporting our seniors and caring for the homeless.

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Not only is there value in classroom education, there is equal value and lessons learned in socializing and bonding with peers.  These activities are meant to provide exposure to our youth who would ordinarily not have opportunities to interact in new environments. 


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